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Selected Town Board Minutes
Monthly Town Board Meeting
Dec 18, 2002

Chairman Myron Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Supervisors- Chad Barry and Stephen B. Brilla, clerk/treasurer-Tom Erickson, eight townspeople and Joan Cervenka from Forest Service attended. This meeting and the minutes from November were posted according to statutes.
Barry moved to approve the November, 2002 minutes as written. Brilla seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Citizen Participation: Ted Benson wondered about the revival of the airport rumor. Anderson said his conversations with the DNR suggested that this would not happen anytime in the near future.
Todd Bucher then presented to the board his plan for the Delta Diner to be located at the site of the DELTA sign. Three concerns for the board will be a variance request for a reduced setback from the road, parking sited on the right-of-way and the possible future request for rezoning of parcel across Co. H from Forestry-1 to Commercial.
Pat St. Germain explained his attempts at obtaining legal access to his 80-acre property west of Bass Lake. Joan Cervenka, representing the Forest Service, explained that the forest service will only build a new road access to the parcel if all other options have failed. St. Germain then presented to the board an Affidavit pursuant to Wis. Stats. 80.13 that specifies that the town board shall designate the road to a landlocked parcel. The board accepted the affidavit and set a hearing date for January 15, 2003 at 6:00 p.m. at the town hall.
Anderson explained to the board the quotes obtained from various contractors for engineering the culvert on Basswood Lake.
Barry moved to have Cooper engineer design and construct the culvert on Basswood Lake. Brilla seconded the motion which carried by voice vote.
Meeting on January 8, 2003 at 7 p.m. at Drummond town hall to discuss the Delta-Drummond road project. The town will also try to acquire land at the intersection with Co. H to improve the intersection.
Anderson moved to request that Bayfield County has more public meetings about the Land Use Plan and that towns should have their plans completed first before the county moves ahead on the plan. Brilla seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Erickson reported that the town’s land use survey will be mailed out in early January. The next Plan Commission meeting is on 1/09/03 at 7 p.m.
Anderson moved to accept the Audit Report. Brilla seconded the motion that carried by voice vote.
Erickson reported account balances as of November 30, 2002 as $14,820.58 in checking and $11,028.47 in savings.
Anderson moved to recommend denial of the zoning request change from Charles McBain because not enough information on future use. Brilla seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Anderson moved to inform the County Department of Human Services that the town will not snowplow John Brinker’s driveway because no adequate turn around for the town’s equipment. Brilla seconded and the motion carried by voice vote. Barry abstained because of potential conflict of interest since he plows driveways.
Anderson moved to increase vacation days by 3 for Dave and 2 for Bill Doss. Barry seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Barry moved to increase town employees wages by 1.4% for 2003. Anderson seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Permit applications, time cards, expense reports and bills were reviewed. Check numbers 8306-8360 were approved. The road committee may meet again before the next monthly meeting.
Barry moved to adjourn at 9:46 p.m. Brilla seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.

Tom Erickson, Clerk/Treasurer

December 18, 2002 Approved_______________

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