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Monthly Town Board Meeting
Jan 16, 2002

Chairman Myron Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Supervisors- Chad Barry and Stephen B. Brilla, clerk/treasurer-Tom Erickson, Val Knabe, Jim Jirku and Ken Asplund were in attendance. This meeting and the minutes from December were posted according to statutes.
Barry moved to approve the minutes as written. Brilla seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Citizen Participation: None.
The forest service will take comments on the Snowmobile crossing improvement project on Finger Lake and Premo roads until January 30, 2002. They are working on a contract with the Town of Delta in order to release funds for snow removal costs at the crossings until they are improved. Contract should be finalized before the next town board meeting.
The county requires a different format for the gravel pit restoration plan than was submitted by the town. The clerk will work with the Land Conservation department to ensure the restoration plan meets all the requirements of NR 135 state codes.
Dave Bednarik has been dropped by Badgercare insurance. Anderson has shopped around for employee insurance possibilities with a policy from State Farm providing adequate coverage for the least cost.
Barry moved to pay for the health insurance policy from State Farm with an annual fee of $3421.56. Anderson seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
The DNR is still trying to determine who has jurisdiction of the needed culvert replacement on Basswood Lake. Once they decide, Summit engineering can proceed with a plan to replace it. The county funding will not be determined until the end of January.
The road projects for 2002 were discussed and sample bids will be drafted for the boards review at the February meeting.
Erickson presented the minutes from the January 2002 Plan Commission meeting to the board. The next Plan Commission meeting is February 12, 2002.
Erickson presented the Audit Report for 2000 from Lutz & Bohl as required by state statue. The audit summary revealed no problems with the accounting methods and books for that year. Payment of the auditors was authorized.
The clerk/treasurer reported account balances as of December 31, 2001 as $3060.11 in checking and $47,693.60 in savings and $96,035.67 in the tax account. Net carryover for the end of year was approximately $19,000 over projections due mainly to an unexpected $18,000 received for payment in lieu of taxes from the forest service.
Barry reported he had received a complaint about snowmobile use on Scenic Drive. Anderson said he was almost hit by one.
The Town of Iron River Fire & Ambulance contracts for 2002 were reviewed. The contracts total about $2200.00 less than last year and $5312 less than budgeted back in November.
Brilla moved to accept the 2002 Fire & Ambulance contracts with the Town of Iron River. Barry seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Application for permits, Time cards, expense reports and bills were reviewed. Check numbers 7832-7876 were approved. Next meeting date is February 20, 2002.
Barry moved to adjourn at 8:40 p.m. with a second by Brilla and carried by voice vote.

Tom Erickson,

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