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Jul 17, 2002

Chairman Myron Anderson called the hearing on discontinuance of a portion of Birch Nest Cove Road to order at 7:00 p.m. No one spoke for or against the closure. Hearing was closed. Anderson called the town board meeting to order. Supervisors- Chad Barry and Stephen B. Brilla, clerk/treasurer-Tom Erickson, and over 40 people were present. This meeting and the minutes from June were posted according to statutes.
Barry moved to approve the June 19, 2002 minutes as written. Brilla seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Citizen Participation: NONE.
Dave Hisdahl of Wilde River Realty explained the condominium association development project to the board and audience. Karl Kastrosky, county zoning administrator explained the zoning regulations and stated that this project is requesting no variances and has less house density than is actually allowed under the new lakeshore zoning rules. On the property, 12 units now exist and the proposal is to add 8 new single-family homes. Anderson opened the meeting to questions from the audience. Most people spoke with the main concerns being impact to the lake, knowledge about the project and an environmental impact assessment of the project. The timetable is that all information required by the county is expected to be available by July 27 with county zoning hearing scheduled for August 20. The county has zoning jurisdiction in the Town of Delta but requests a recommendation from the town on conditional use permits. Chairman Anderson set the next board meeting for August 14 with Deer Trail Lodge at the top of the agenda.
Anderson moved to deny the request to discontinue a portion of Birch Nest Cove Road. Brilla seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Elden Tetzlaff thanked the board for their time considering this matter, but felt the board did not give an adequate reason to keep the road open.
Anderson moved to recommend approval of Roffers gravel pit permit with the following conditions: No crushing between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. or on Sundays. In addition, parcels numbered 016-1074-04 and 016-1075-02 should not be permitted at this time because they border County H and encroach upon residential areas. Barry seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Anderson moved to grant the easement request by Otto Rusch to place a portion of his septic drainfield within the town right-of-way. Rusch will be responsible for any damage to the road caused by the system and the town reserves the right to void this easement, unilaterally. Barry seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Summer road projects are taking place. Chip seal on Scenic Drive is complete with paving of Eagle Lake road beginning this or next week.
Barry moved to award the propane contract for the upcoming season to Como with the low bid of $0.69. Anderson seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Plan Commission Chair, Tom Erickson reported to the board that Bruce Anderson resigned from the commission effective July 9, 2002. Lynn Van Hollen had reviewed the contract with Foth & Van Dyke and advised changes as presented. The grant application is proceeding along with timetables being met.
Anderson moved to accept the contract with Foth & Van Dyke to work on the town’s Comprehensive Plan under the direction of the Plan Commission. Brilla seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Anderson moved to approve resolution 2002-3 supporting the application for grants to assist in lake planning for the Comprehensive plan. Barry seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Erickson reported account balances as of June 30, 2002 as: $10,621.07 in Checking; $75,809.15 in Savings.
Time cards, expense reports and bills were reviewed. Check numbers 8102-8138 were approved. Next meeting date is August 14, 2002.
Anderson moved to adjourn at 10:23 p.m. with a second by Barry and carried by voice vote.

Tom Erickson, Clerk/Treasurer

July 17, 2002 Approved_______________

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