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Selected Town Board Minutes
Monthly Town Board Meeting
Jun 19, 2002

Chairman Myron Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Supervisors- Chad Barry and Stephen B. Brilla, clerk/treasurer-Tom Erickson, ten townspeople and a realtor were in attendance. This meeting and the minutes from May were posted according to statutes.
Barry moved to approve the May 15, 2002 minutes as written. Brilla seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Citizen Participation: Dave Hisdahl of Wilde River Realty, spoke to the board about the intent to purchase Deer Trail Lodge property and develop the42 acre site as a condominium association with up to 20 units accessing the lake. The condominiums would be individually owned and most likely be single family type dwellings. A conditional use permit is necessary. The item will be on the 7/17/02 town board agenda and according to Hisdahl will be on the August 20th county board agenda. The sale to L. Keller is contingent on approval of this condominium/planned unit development.
Wayne Tabbert addressed the board regarding building a second home on his son’s parcel on Basswood Lake. The town board and county board had denied his application in 2000 for this project but Tabbert has different information from working with Doug Casina (County Zoning) and hopes to reapply. This may be on July’s agenda.
Anderson explained the board’s decision to treat the town hall and surrounding grounds with pesticides to prevent bug damage. Sue Davis wondered if the complete treatment package was necessary since the main problem is flies and beetles inside the building with the concern being children playing on the lawn and potential exposure. Anderson said that inspection of the property indicated it was necessary.
Barry moved to approve the treatment of all buildings and property. Brilla seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Elden Tetzlaff presented to the board a petition requesting the discontinuance of a portion of Birch Nest Cove Road as a town road. Statute requires the board upon receiving such a petition to set a hearing date that will be July 17, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. The board will meet at the site of requested closure at 6:00 p.m. The gravel pit hours of operation ordinance was moved to July’s agenda. Summer road projects are beginning to be completed. Gravel spreading is complete and all work repairs for 2001-storm damage is complete.
Barry moved to purchase an additional load of CaCl for dust control and accept the contract with Bergman Co. Inc. for cracksealing. Total cost for both projects is $4,465 and will be financed using proceeds from the timber sale. Brilla seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Anderson moved to change the mileage reimbursement policy from payment only for travel out of town starting at the town boundary to mileage reimbursement for travel out of town beginning at the residence and for the annual road inspection within town. Barry seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
A special appliance recycling service will be held during the regular recycling center hours on July 20, 24, & 27. Tires, scrap iron and appliances will be accepted for a fee. Bulletins will be available from Bill Meyer-Delta’s garbologist.
The Town Plan Commision did not have a quorum at the June meeting so they had no recommendation on which contractor to choose to complete the Comp. Plan.
Anderson moved to accept the proposal from Foth & Van Dyke and Associates to complete the Comprehensive Plan. Barry seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Anderson moved to approve the town insurance package from Rural Mutual Ins. for 7/2001-7/2002. Barry seconded and the motion carried by voice vote.
Erickson reported account balances as of May 31, 2002 as: $4312.50 in Checking; $105441.03 in Savings. Propane bids will be advertised for action at July’s meeting.
Time cards, expense reports and bills were reviewed. Check numbers 8059-8101 were approved. Next meeting date is July 17, 2002.
Barry moved to adjourn at 9:18 p.m. with a second by Brilla and carried by voice vote.

Tom Erickson, Clerk/Treasurer
June 19, 2002

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